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TwineSIS makes it easy to run your school

TwineSIS is the simplest, most cost effective SIS for schools using Edsby. We help schools achieve their goals, making it easy to manage data and enable meaningful online collaboration. This is why schools choose TwineSIS and Edsby.

Our Services

What's included:


TwineSIS is the only data management console purpose-built for schools using Edsby

Edsby integration

All Edsby subscriptions include its core Learning Management System (LMS) features, providing everything you need to run a great school.

Exceptional support and onboarding 

All customers have dedicated onboarding specialists and regular ongoing access to email and telephone support


“We had just become really familiar and comfortable with Twine when the pandemic happened. We would have been in serious trouble if we had not had Twine. It allowed us to have that communication with parents. The ability to have groups and allow parents to communicate with each other has been awesome... It has been a game changer for our community.”

Maureen Jarvis

King Christian School

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