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TwineSIS is the only data management console designed for schools using Edsby

As an Edsby-focused solution, Twine provides:
  • A simple administrative interface to manage school data, including staff, students, parents, classes and schedules

  • Secure nightly synchronization with Edsby

  • Edsby-specific provisioning of Staff roles and permissions

All TwineSIS and Edsby plans include all the data management tools you need to sync with Edsby, with security and peace of mind
  • Student & parent demographics: TwineSIS provides a single dashboard for all relevant student details, including multiple addresses and support for complex family relationships

  • Flexible class scheduling: Classes can be arranged by weekday day or block rotation, with the ability to define your own subject and course groupings 

  • Automated Edsby sync: Updates are securely synchronized to Edsby, allowing simple management of your school and eliminating the need to enter data in multiple places


For schools needing more reports, choose the TwineSIS Satellite add-on:

Whether you have reporting requirements imposed for certification, you're needing particular data printouts for various purposes, or you're just a numbers person and like to drill-down through all your data any way you want, Twine Satellite does it all. 


With both a powerful set of pre-written reports and flexible tools for search and export, Twine Satellite provides sophistication to meet almost any needs.

For Ontario schools, Twine Satellite includes all of the information you'll need to submit for your OnSIS reporting requirements, with reports specifically tailored to all 3 reporting periods. Once set up, you'll be able to simply run the reports in Satellite, export them, and submit to the Ministry.

All Twine and Edsby plans include Edsby's core Learning Management System features, providing everything you need to run a great school
  • Online classrooms: Class discussions; resource libraries; homework & event calendars; course & lesson plans

  • Assessment & reporting tools: Gradebooks; student portfolios; report cards; progress reports; attendance transcripts

  • Operations & Management tools: Student & parent demographics; bell schedules; class scheduling; data dashboards & analytics

  • Communications & community building tools: Access for students, staff & parents; news & announcements; professional learning communities; 1-to-1 and group messaging; clubs & athletics

  • Integrations: Google; Office 365; iOS, Android & Windows mobile apps

Additional Edsby features available as add-ons:
  • Edsby Social-Emotional Check-ins


Whether students are in class, hybrid, or fully remote, social emotional check-ins allows students to share how they are feeling throughout the day. With developmentally appropriate definitions and suggested regulation strategies, this tool gives students what they need to deal with difficult feelings. Teachers can easily see which of their students might need additional support, can track trends over time and are provided with suggestions for starting conversations with students who need it.

  • Edsby Conference Scheduling


Save your teachers (and parents) time and energy with an online parent-teacher conference scheduling tool. This add-on allows schools to set specific days and times to hold conferences and parents can schedule meetings with all of their students' teachers in one process, eliminating back-and-forth emails or long waits on conference night.

  • Edsby Service Hours Tracking


If your school records or requires service hours for students, you probably know it can be a tedious process to track and approve the activities. With this add-on, designated school staff can view submitted hours, including documentation provided by the student, and then approve, deny, or request additional information from students with just a few clicks.

In addition, all TwineSIS and Edsby customers receive exceptional onboarding and support
  • Support: All subscriptions include standard support via our in-app Help widget and by email for administrative staff, plus telephone and emergency after-hours support for primary points of contact.

  • Onboarding: While every timeline is customized to each school's needs, in most cases TwineSIS and Edsby are ready for staff use in just two weeks. Your dedicated project manager will make it easy to get started, guiding you through data collection & import; report card & gradebook setup; and guiding you through online administrator and teacher training.

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